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For Spring 2010: Which course should I take?.

Summary and comparison of courses in pdf file.


Background courses: Not specifically robotics courses but provide basic skills

CS 1114: Intro to CS using robots. Teaches robots and computer vision to introduce core concepts in computer science to freshmen in a variety of majors

MAE 225: Hands-on design and manufacturing of mechanisms.

CS/ENGRD 2110: Object oriented programming and data structures.

COGST 1101 / CS 1710: Introduction to Cognitive Science.

MAE 3780: Mechatronics. An introductory course in functional elements of automation.

CS4700: Intro to AI.

MAE/ECE 4780/5780: Feedback Control Systems


Intermediate courses

CS 4758 / 6758: Robot Learning. Teaches learning algorithms and techniques for robots. It involves a project involving physical robots.

MAE 4170/5170: Introduction to Robotics Dynamics, Control, Design.

MAE 4180/5180: Autonomous Mobile Robots

ECE 5470: Computer Vision

MAE 3780: Mechatronics

CS/MAE 473/473R: Evolutionary Robotics. Teaches evolutionary algorithms for developing novel robot designs.

CS 4780: Machine Learning

ECE 4760: Designing with Microcontrollers

TAM 7960: Legged locomotion of robots and animals


Advanced courses

CS 6650: CS 6650 Computational Motion

CS 6670: Machine Vision. Course on computer vision will also focus on a number of projects, including panorama stitching and single-view modeling.

CS 6751 / MAE 6751 Introduction to Robotic Mobile Manipulation.

CS 6780: Advanced Machine Learning. An applied course with lectures on applications to robotics. It involves a research project as a significant part of the curriculum.

CS 7726 / MAE 6500: Evolutionary Computation and Design Automation

MAE 6770: Robust Control

MAE 6740: Hybrid Systems