Welcome to the Fall 2021 Robotics Seminar!

Tapomayukh Bhattacharjee and Claire Liang


Location: 122 Gates Hall

Time: 2:40p.m.

Hey everyone! Welcome back for the semester. Robotics seminar is starting a new era and is (officially) a class again. The first seminar will cover the logistics of what to expect from this semester’s seminar/class as well as serve as an introduction to Cornell Robotics as a community. We will be announcing some new resources available (such as the new Robot Library) and taking feedback for what everyone would like to see in the future. The Robotics Graduate Student Organization will also cover some of what is to come for graduate students. If you’re new to the Cornell Robotics community, be sure to come for this week’s seminar!

P.S. Unfortunately, since Cornell is at a yellow COVID level, we will not have snacks for the foreseeable future.