Robotics Minor

The undergraduate robotics minor is open to all undergraduate majors. For details about the requirements, please refer to the Cornell Engineering website.

At present, there is no robotics major, but students who are interested in robotics frequently major in CSECEIS, or MAE.


Background courses

These are not specifically robotics courses, but they provide basic skills.

CS 1114: Intro to CS using robots. Teaches robots and computer vision to introduce core concepts in computer science to freshmen in a variety of majors

MAE 2250: Hands-on design and manufacturing of mechanisms

CS/ENGRD 2110: Object oriented programming and data structures

COGST 1101 / CS 1710: Introduction to Cognitive Science

ECE3400: Intelligent Physical Systems

MAE 3780: Mechatronics. An introductory course in functional elements of automation

CS 4700: Intro to AI

CS 4750/MAE 4760/ECE 4770: Foundations of Robotics

MAE/ECE 4780/5780: Feedback Control Systems  


Intermediate courses

MAE 4180/5180: Autonomous Mobile Robots

ECE 5470: Computer Vision 

INFO 4410/6420 / CS 4754: Human-Robot Interaction – Research and Design 

CS 4750/5750: Foundations of Robotics

CS 4752/5752 / MAE 4750/5750: Robotic Manipulation (not recently offered)

CS 4780/5780: Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems

ECE 4760: Designing with Microcontrollers  


Advanced courses

DEA 6210: Architectural Robotics

CS 6670: Computer Vision. Focuses on a number of projects, including panorama stitching and single-view modeling 

CS 6751 / MAE 6730: Introduction to Robotic Mobile Manipulation

CS 6780: Advanced Machine Learning. An applied course with lectures on applications to robotics. It involves a research project as a significant part of the curriculum

MAE 6710: Human-Robot Interaction

MAE 6770: Formal Methods for Robotics

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