Planning and Control of Multi-Agent Systems under Spatio-Temporal Logic Tasks

Lars Lindemann, KTH


Location: Upson 106 Conference Room Next to the Lounge

Time: 2:45p.m.

Abstract: Motivated by the recent interest in the distributed and provably-correct control of interconnected autonomous systems, this talk is about planning and control of dynamically coupled multi-agent systems under signal temporal logic (STL). STL allows to express complex tasks that impose temporal and spatial requirements on the multi-agent system. In the first part of the talk, a fragment of STL is considered and we show that an STL task from this fragment can be encoded into a control barrier function. We consider two cases, namely multi-agent systems under global and local, possibly conflicting, tasks. We then derive decentralized control barrier function-based control laws that ensure task satisfaction in the former case. In the latter case, dealing with conflicting local tasks, least violating solutions are found by relaxing tasks in the spatial domain. In the second part of the talk, the full STL language is considered by combining the previously derived decentralized control laws with efficient automata-based planning methods.