Date: 9/8/2022

 Speaker:  Petar Durdevic

Location: 122 Gates Hall and Zoom

Time: 2:40 p.m.-3:30 p.m.


Agriculture is an important part of our society, enabling us to produce enough food to feed an ever-growing population. One challenge is that some farming tasks are very labor intensive, and in some parts of the world this labor force is becoming scarce. Our mission is to develop robots which can fill the growing gap of labor shortages in farming. In addition, we focus on weeding with the goal of reducing the use of pesticides. Our focus is on visual control of robots as cameras have a high information destiny in comparison to their cost. In this talk I will introduce the project and discuss design of the robot. In addition, since the visual control is a big part our system, the topic of integration of deep learning and control techniques and the analysis of the effect that timing interactions between controllers and deep neural networks have will be discussed.



Petar Durdevic is an Associate Professor at Aalborg University, Energy Department, Denmark, and has investigated the application of advanced control, deep learning, and reinforcement learning in control systems since his PhD studies. He has developed several robotic systems with visual servo navigation. For the past 5 years he has extensively been working with inspections and condition monitoring of offshore energy systems, focusing predominantly on wind turbines. He has set up the Robotics lab at AAU-E and leads the Offshore Drones and Robots research group. He is also a board member of the research center Aalborg Robotics at AAU, which promotes research, innovation, education, and dissemination within robotics.